Justin Henning

Founder | Creative Director


Inspired by the late, great Walt Disney, Justin has always worked in the media industry. Starting as a graphic designer in 2002, he quickly discovered an ability for compelling storytelling and a desire to colour the world with rich experiences, digital and otherwise. Naturally, this led to an exploration of animation techniques, then website design and development, before finding his way into video production and television.

During the course of the next 7 years, Justin produced over 70 episodes for the television industry in numerous genres, founding Lunchbox Productions in November of 2006. Over the next few years he brought a creative edge to the corporate environment, using the experience he gained from the television industry. He continues to play an active role in strategy and production of all of Lunchbox’s products.

Justin Henning

Creative Director

Frank Meyer

Director Of Photography

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Colin Brandt

Director of Media